The application closes by itself

Hi friends. I have a problem. send an update of my applications. but now when I try to brighten they close on their own. How can I fix the problem?

Change the Topic to Discuss not Extension when there is no Problem with extensions.

What do you try to brightening and show some Screenshots if possible.

And try this:


Ok, what do I take a screenshot of?

Check your About Screen Title in your Screens, it should be not blank.

Friend I am very new to this. Could I send you the file aia?

If you wish you can post aia here or pm me


servicra.aia (6.1 MB)

Try this

servicra_1.aia (6.1 MB)

ok I’ll do it now

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Super good friend. you are a super excellent person. How can I solve for the rest of the applications?

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As @Ded_Sec_00 suggested in 3 of your screens About Screen Title was empty


As for the other projects you should check the long list in Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

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Seriously thank you very much for the help. God bless you

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You know how I can make my online radio work in the background. without stopping after a few minutes


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