The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6251130206027776_Screen1 will not be saved

The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6251130206027776_Screen1 will not be saved.


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I automatically got this message when I was building my app & I searched in Community regarding this and the solution was to edit aia manually and remove unwanted extensions so I did delete deepHost’s MySql using 7-zip as I was not using that extension anymore and after importing back the edited aia, I am still facing exact same error.

Wedding_Data.aia (366.2 KB)

Extension used in the Project
1). BubbleTabBar
2). Dynamic Component
3). DeepHost’s MySql (I Replaced database with Firebase)

Addition Info:
You may have question like why I even imported Deephost’s MySQL extension as it will crash and wont work. Actually, DeepHost updated this extension and I imported that extension 7 days ago(Till now a date it app was working fine but suddenly Kodualr is throwing this error) and that extension was not working for fetching data so I moved with Firebase.

Here is the last block on which I was working when I start getting this error:

Can you show a screenshot of your designer view, how many arrangement do you have?

Here is the all info:

One thing strange i noticed is that, Summary tab shows 4 used extensions but Extension tab show only 3 extension info.

I got this error message in my companion after removing DeepHost’s MySql Extension. Now, I am quite sure that its MySql extension which is causing this error

Do not use Deephost MySql extension. Remove the extension. After removing the extension you’ll still have the same error. If you don’t mind you can pm the aia.

I already attached the aia above and I also remove MySql extension via 7-zip

okay, ill check it out

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Try this one Wedding_Data_1.aia (364.4 KB)

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Check this out
Wedding_Data_update.aia (341.9 KB)

What you should do if you have this type of error is to;
first copy your blocks to backpack(Wedding_Data.aia) since it is the block area that did’t load properly; then create another app(Wedding_Data update.aia) and paste the blocks into the new app you created. now export the aia of Wedding_Data.aia and also export the aia of Wedding_Data uodate.aia which is the new app you created. open the aia file of Wedding_Data.aia using 7zip now right click on the asset and copy to downloads to save the asset to download, the next is to open the src folder->io->kodular->renisonreni->Wedding_Data->now you will see two files with two extensions; .bky and .scm. The extension .bky is your block area that did’nt load properly which we dont need. now right click and copy the extension .src to downloads to save the file. Now we have two files in download, the asset and the screen file.
what you have to do next is to open the new aia you created which is the Wedding_Data uodate.aia; delete the asset folder and paste the asset folder you downloaded from the other aia into the new aia; next is to navigate open the src folderr->io->kodular->renisonreni->Wedding_Data->now you will see two files with two extensions; .bky and .scm; delete the .scm file and paste the screen file you downloaded from the other aia into the new aia.

This will solve your problem.

Your version is missing 500+ blocks

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If that’s the case he can go back to the old aia and copy the blocks to backpack and paste in the new aia. I didn’t even notice that 500+ blocks are missing. You can as well show us your method.

Thank you so much @Powertech_Development for explaining whole process, I think it will surely also help other Koders like me. & @Boban for helping me out with aia without any lose of blocks. You both are amazing and saved me.

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Don’t want to go into detail as it will take for ever to explain, can only say is to find the culprit block in the source file and deleting it

The best thing to do if I’ve done that, mark it as solution.


Done that. Thanks :relaxed:

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