The blocks area didn't load properly error

That’s the error: “The blocks area did not load properly.”

The error happened after kodular creator site got stuck. Now all blocks from 1 screen are gone.

I had a backup from few hours earlier, but imported backup got the same issue: “The blocks area did not load properly.”

Is it a temporary problem with Kodular?

Hi @HeyAveHey,
it’s always better to use the search function in the community before asking :upside_down_face:

I just found it strange my backup which worked perfectly, doesn’t work now. I’m trying to find a solution but nothing really works.

Try reloading and clearing cahce.And trying another browser.
BTW, if you don’t mind you can share the aia with us.

It looks like some updates are coming in. By trying and refreshing kodular home site I saw once different layout. Sometimes a few of my blocks from backup load (everytime they load, blocks count is different), sometimes noone is loaded.

Thanks for proposition and answers! If tomorrow my projects will not work, I will send my aia files.

EDIT: I tried launching my projects on different browsers and cleared the cache, before my topic. It barely helps.

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So you can complete like that :slightly_smiling_face:


you’re wlecome.Hope it works :slightly_smiling_face:

There are over 4000 blocks in the screen that doesn’t work. Is it possible to change blocks x,y coordinates? It looks like blocks are too spread in Y coords and that’s why kodular is not able to load them. I tried to look up for coords parameters in bky file, but i would appreciate a little help. Setting coordinates of blocks in one position may help I think.

On mozilla error persists. Microsoft Edge is able to load some of the blocks :upside_down_face:. I don’t want to let u analyze 4000 blocks :smiley: