The blocks for screen did not load properly. Please help me

hey anyone can explain me why i got the error…i work hard yesterday night to make the app and i export it yesterday night and its works great in mobile phone but today morning when i open the project then i got the error even m not editing or rename any components…please reply as soon as possible…how to fixed it without removing any screens…

Probably a broken project of varying causes

  • lack of internet connection at the time
  • wrongly uninstalled extension
  • etc

thanks for the reply…but my internet connection is too good m using 4G internet with 20+Mbps per sec…and m not uninstalled any extension yet…please help me how can i fixed the problem without removing any screens

The only thing you can do is to dig in in the aia file and see if there is some abnormality

This doesn’t tell me much how fast your internet really is when communicating with the Kodular server

that means you dont help me??? :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

And how should I be able to do that

i will send the aia if its possible to fixed the error

You do that and I’ll look in to it

where i send u the aia file…my file is personal can u send me ur gmail id or something ??

you can send him in Pm.(private message)

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man i cant fixed it…thats why m come in community

I guess you don’t know what pm or private message means?

First click on the username of the user you want to send a message to. When his profile block opens click on the message button. Now you can attach your aia file. It works like mail.


I PM him instead to speed up the process, aia fixed in my end


thanks man for the great HELP :innocent:

@Boban how can i PM you? it’s not showing. I’m having the same issue

I see you have PM me your aia, I’ll look in to it…

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