The build server is busy please try again in a few minutes

right now show this error and also companion is not working

Yep there is something happening. Please be patient. Developers will look at it as soon as possible.

Dear kodualr i am trying to test my apk using companion but its not work then i want to build apk it shows error

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This already known. Don’t open new topics about this. I merged it. Next time search before posting please.

nothing reload your page or try after sometimes. You will not get such error

Not in this case. This is someting different. We just have to be patient. I contacted the developers.


Please wait all developer for some time because this is technical issue so it fixed as soon as possible

is the same


Thanks for reporting
We’re taking a look and things should be back to normal soon.
We’ll notify you here when the issue is fixed


wait some time we will be back soon

Kodular compilers fell :scream:, call the police :policeman:


ya thank you sir… sorry i am new one using this platform


Buildservers are back online.


Enjoy … thanks