The buttons will be sorted randomly. How can I do that?

The positions of the buttons are always the same in the exam application. How can I arrange the positions of the buttons randomly for each question?

Try this:



This is exactly what I want. Every time the screen is refreshed, the places of button1, button2, button3 change randomly. How exactly can I do this?


He posted above , your Solution.

see also A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features, see especially procedure nextQuestion and the for each button in list loop there



How did you create a call randomList?

she created a procedure

The buttons don’t need to be placed randomly but the contents of the buttons will be changed randomly. The procedure shown above randomly orders the buttons in a list and then adds the information to it. The actual physical buttons remain in the same location but its text change.

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Yes, exactly.

Try this → randomButtons.aia (11.7 KB)
(works also with Companion)