The camera did not return an image

does it happen also on MIT App Inventor?

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Yes, the same message:
Error 201: The camera did not return an image.

See also e.g. here:

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I tried most of the changes/settings and nothing worked. Still have the same issue.

This is a major problem for me. I’ll have to tell my users not to update to Android 10 until this is resolved.

I could convert back to Android 9, but that would be a pain. Plus the phone would keep requesting to update to 10.

Not sure where the issue is but I hope this gets resolved soon!

I have already reported this error also to the MIT team (App Inventor).


The MIT team just has identified the problem and provided a solution on a test server.
So there will soon be a solution for Kodular too!

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This is great news. Thank you for the update.

Hi I’m new!!
I was looking for help in google on this subject and I saw this thread…
The same thing happens to me with appinventor and my android 10. How should I proceed? I don’t have much knowledge of programming…

Thank you,

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Since the problem seems to be solved in AI2 (I checked it on the AI2 test server), there will soon be a solution for AI2 and also for Kodular. So just wait and see …


Any update on this issue yet? Will the upcoming upgrade (Jan 3) resolve this?



Can you keep us updated on this issue, please ?

Any approximate date for when it will be solved ?

Thank you very much,

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see my suggestion for a workaround here


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See here:

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This thread from the AI2 power user forum is now public:

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Any news regarding this issue?

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So MIT App Investor fixed this issue on their Feb 3rd release. Any update on this?

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Same question. I need to take pictures with my app, but i can’t in android 10

EDIT: @Kodular added by Taifun

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Same issues for me dears,

after updating android 9 to android 10.

error 201 The camera did not return an image
Is there any solution for this in kodular???

“Kodular platform updated and Camera error solved now. Try to re build apk with existing camera block.”

Thanks kodular team, camera issue in android 10 solved now.

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Kodular Developers,

Any update on when this issue will be fixed?
More and more folks are upgrading to Android 10 (whether they want to or not).


Is there any update for camera component in kodular?
because its not return image in Android 10…
App Inventor have same problem but already fix it…

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