The compiler error - DX execution failed

May be due to 400+ labels and 200+ buttons… also 270+ spaces…

This is too risky

You could use dynamic component too for that if possible

may be but after i finished with added labels and buttons it was working fine. But after i add some 200-300 blocks, this error comes. Its a bug in Kodular.

And i really don’t know how to use dynamic components :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I am not that pro

anyways, i just split my app into 3 screen, but just want to report this big to kodular. As there is no fault from my side.


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But if i split the app into 3 screen and the number of assets remain same 478 , the app is building without any errors. Why ?

Interesting, try this test app:

Okay, let me test

Getting error, while uploading the aia file given by you.

I tried it more then 10 times.

  1. Export your aia, rename it and try to import this aia. (It shouldn’t work.)
  2. Remove 179 files from the assets and try to import this aia.
  3. If that works, build the APK / AAB.
  4. Add the removed / missing assets again following my guide.

Okay will Try that, thanks

nope getting the same error even after i remove more then 200 assets

Ok, to make sure it’s not because of the number of assets, remove almost all assets and try again. If that doesn’t work either, we can continue looking for the cause …

Okay i will try that too but, in my opinion it’s bcoz of too many blocks. Bcoz as I told u earlier i split my app into 3 screens and now it’s working fine with 470 assets.

Not a bug but a server limitation.

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Server limitation for what ? Any components, any blocks, procedure blocks or assets ?

Unfortunately there is no fixed number for this, but if it doesn’t build then you have found one


But that will be a blunder right if there is no fix number and we can’t check every hour that our app is building or not if we are building a large app, right ? All the hardwork will get wasted.

Second thing when kodular fixed the size of app 30mb beyond that we can’t make it, why not kodular fix the numbers of components on each screen. That means if there is no fix number of components per screen then this might called an Bug in the kodular builder right.

Ok, but then why is my test app not working (with 500 files in the assets)?
And what should change if you add 2 more screens?

@bodymindpower sorry for late reply i was out of station

Now bcoz of your query, i did experiment with my app by adding more then 500 assets and guess what its working absolutely fine. It’s building perfectly fine both apk as well as aab with more then 500 assets. So i guess it’s a bug and kodular team must look out for this error or Must fix the number of component to be used in each screen for better clarity.

Here is the report -

I didn’t made any changes while splitting my app into 3 screen, just moves some arrangement with there blocks into next screen.

What file types are these (txt, pdf, jpg, ...)?