The countdown should work while the app is closed

Hey Guys,

I made an easy countdown like this
but what I can’t do is I want it to stay when I refresh the screen (quit an app, switch to another screen)

Is there any way to keep it in the background?



Visible when the time is up

Kodular app does not work in background

Is it not running when you switch to another screen

Is there any other solution than giving up? I saw in the community that I can do it with firebase, is there a different solution? With Tiny Database?

Unclear, explain in more detail what should happen when:

  1. do this … (e.g. start countdown)
  2. do that … (close screen or close app or …?)

And what is the expected result?


  1. Start the countdown when the button is pressed

  2. The count continues and when it ends the button is active again, but the app closes before the time expires or if the screen refreshes the button will activate before the time expires. This is a problem.

Desired: The countdown continues in all conditions, and the button becomes active when completed.

Do you understand?

do you want the countdown to ring

You need to use condition to operate it

Use, if countdown starts make that two button visiblity condition and upon completion of countdown also use of condition to bring visibility condition…

Let me know whether the tricks worked if not you have committed some wrong blocks.

Can you please explain in blocks to me?

Thank you

I am in mobile, once i get into the system i will show you.

Anyhow let me try

I’m waiting thanks

Ate you using any extension?


reply for it

Can you share the link for that extension, let me try and tell you

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Sorry i don’t understand what you are trying to say

u asked about countdown so do u need the count down to ring/buzz/make sound like beem beem

The countdown does not sound

then why u need extension normal clock does the same right