The explanation of what the components do on is empty

Hi, I’m loving makeroid but one thing is bothering me since day 01. I thought it was an already reported bug or it was under construction but it is the same way since a few weeks ago.

The problem is: when I want to understand better how a component work clickin on “?” I am directed to (ex: Screen - Kodular Docs )
But there is not an explanation about any component there :frowning:

I am sorry if it is already of knowledge of makeroid team but I didn’t find anything about it and I guess for new users it is a big problem.

Specially for components on makeroid that don’t exist on app inventor.

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Read this It Will Help You What’s happening in community.


I’ve seen the github link before somehow but I didn’t understand very well because most of the links were like this so I didn’t care much about it.

And even now I must admit I didn’t understand it perfectly. But it seems it’s temporary and soon everything will be working well, so I will wait. Thanks for the explanation.

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