The File component doesn't work

The “File” component I use to create a .txt file on devices doesn’t work.
Here are the blocks that I use to manage their creation.
What am I doing wrong?

Ok, I understand that now the files are saved in the ASD, thanks a lot for the response. So there is no longer any material way to save text files to external storage or in a directory created by me, located in external storage?

It is possible, but the new File component (which AI2 and Niotron are already using) has not yet been released. It is possible to save text files (non-media files) in the Shared storage, see here:

Ok, I’ll wait for the new component file. Until then I will do without creating that text file.
Thank you so much for your patience.

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Just a suggestion


@vknow360 has made an aix to access storage on android 11
You use this and give feedback to @vknow360 So he can release it soon as possible

that’s no secret anymore…


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