The Firebase SMS OTP template is incorrect

I have successfully implemented Firebase authentication in my application, but when I get OTP the message format is not as it should be.

On the Firebase dashboard the template from OTP is:

% LOGIN_CODE% is your verification code for% APP_NAME%.

But the OTP that I got has a format:


Is there something wrong with the Firebase settings that I have done?

Hi, welcome to the community. Please post your relevant blocks, as well as where you put

in your Firebase database.

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Hi, thanks for respond my question.

I didn’t put this on

my Firebase database. It’s a default template that Firebase give to send an OTP SMS.

I use this blocks to do Firebase Authentication by Phone Number

and it works (I received the OTP SMS and can use that OTP). But the SMS is not formatted as in the Firebase template, it doesn’t have the app name on it.

Can you try replacing %APP_NAME% with your actual app name?

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Your app must be in play store to get app name in template…

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Hi, thanks for your answer. Marked as solution. :grin:

Referring to this link I cannot replace the OTP template.

This seems to be the answer to my question

I just start using kodular last week, so I never been post my app to PlayStore.

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