The focus in the textbox does not work for me

Hello good evening to the community.

I have a problem and I comment on it asking for your help, I don’t know why.
I made this example to show it,

I have 3 text_box Name, age, telephone what I want it to do is: after typing
the age that validates that it is less than 90, and when leaving the focus and taking it the
telephone validates this:


But the module does not work, because it does the notification of the error but the “Hide Keyboard” does not do it and when taking the focus the “Text_Box_age” leaves double the cursor in “Text_Box_age” and “Text_Box_telephone” as I show in the next photo.

I leave the file “nofunciona1.aia” in case you want to see it working.

nofunciona1.aia (2.9 MB)

Greetings and thanks
Javier Gonzalez

P.S. If it is not understood please tell me to find out how to improve the description.

It That Doesn’t Work Then You Can Also Try This :-

Hope It Works … ! :grin:

Hello, thanks for answering.
I mark this error.

But if I wanted to have a range from 18 to 78 years old, it would be difficult to handle it like that, don’t you think?

Thank you.

Set Input Type of Age Text Box to 5 : Number
Uncheck Enabled of Telephone Text Box from Properties.
And then you can Try this.

This will Leave User Forced to Enter Age Below or Equal to 90

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You Can Use A Button , Which When Clicked Checks If The Age Is In The Parameters

Check The Image , I Have Done It…

Hope This Helps!! :grinning:

also No Error in this one.

.aia -
n.aia (2.9 MB)

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