The hosting provider needs to allow the IP address of Kodular to connect to the MySQL database

I’m currently working on the login page of my application using a MySQL database and PHP files. During the development process, I’m using two different hosting services:

  1. (free hosting) - I’m using this hosting for trial purposes only.
  2. Paid hosting service

Initially, I tested my application using the hosting. I tried logging in to my application, and it worked successfully, allowing me to access the next page.

After successfully testing on the trial hosting, I attempted to move the PHP files and database to my paid subscription hosting. However, I encountered login failures continuously.

I reached out to my paid hosting service for assistance, and they mentioned that they require the IP address of Kodular to be allowed in order for it to work. I checked Kodular’s documentation, but there was no information available regarding this.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is it a common practice for paid hosting services to always ask for platform IP addresses, as it seems quite challenging for me to manage?
  2. Can anyone suggest a solution for me?

I’m truly grateful for anyone who can provide a solution.

I’ve attached my PHP code and my block diagram below.

Please help me with your advice, and thank you very much!

For my PHP code and block diagram, please refer to the attachments.

hey you app is not accessed through Kodular,
every user have their own IP address, so explain your problem clearly to the Paid hosting provider.

you can atleast mention the name of your Hosting provider, so we can provide you a solution regarding this.

My paid hosting provider name is Domainesia.

I don’t understand about each user using their own IP address. Are you referring to the IP address of the computer I’m using? If I’m mistaken, could you please explain? Also, if you have any suggestions, could you please provide them to me?

I would greatly appreciate your advice

When you pay a host for hosting, they give you their hosting IP. You have to own this IP provided by the hosting service and Kodular blocks will access it

It seems like you’re facing an issue with your login page using a MySQL database and PHP files, specifically related to hosting and IP address restrictions. Here are some insights and suggestions based on the information you’ve provided:

  1. IP Address Allowlist:

    • Some hosting providers implement security measures where they allow only certain IP addresses to connect to external services like databases. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Kodular’s IP addresses might not be publicly disclosed, as they can change or have multiple addresses due to their infrastructure setup.
  2. Solutions:

    • Contact Kodular’s support or community to inquire about any specific IP addresses that need to be allowed for database connections. They might be able to provide guidance or suggestions.
    • Check if your hosting provider offers a more flexible security setup. Some providers allow you to use domain names instead of IP addresses, which can be helpful when dealing with dynamic IP setups like Kodular’s.
  3. IP Address Changes:

    • If your hosting provider insists on using IP addresses and Kodular’s IP addresses change over time, you might need to periodically update the allowed IP addresses.
  4. Migration Challenges:

    • Moving from one hosting service to another can sometimes introduce unexpected issues. Make sure your database configuration, file paths, and PHP scripts are adjusted correctly for the new hosting environment.
  5. Debugging:

    • Ensure that your PHP scripts are configured to display error messages. This can help you identify any issues in the code that might be causing the login failures.
  6. Testing:

    • Consider testing your PHP scripts independently outside of Kodular to ensure they work as expected on your paid hosting service.
  7. Alternative Solutions:

    • If allowing specific IP addresses becomes too complex, consider looking into alternatives like using Firebase Authentication or other authentication methods that might not require direct database connections.

When you mentioned that your paid hosting provider requires the IP address of Kodular to be allowed, they are referring to the IP address of the server or servers that Kodular uses to send requests to your hosting server’s MySQL database. This is not related to the IP address of your personal computer.

Kodular, being a platform that facilitates app creation, might have a set of IP addresses that its servers use to communicate with external services, like databases. This is done for security reasons to ensure that only trusted servers can access your hosting server’s resources.

Since Kodular’s IP addresses might not be publicly disclosed due to security and infrastructure reasons, it might be challenging to know exactly which IP addresses to allow in your hosting’s firewall rules.

Here are some steps you can consider:

  1. Contact Kodular Support: Reach out to Kodular’s support or community to inquire about the specific IP addresses that their servers might use to connect to external services. They might have guidelines or suggestions on how to handle this situation.

  2. Hosting Provider: Get in touch with Domainesia, your hosting provider, and explain the situation. Ask if they have alternative security measures or suggestions for allowing secure connections from services like Kodular.

  3. Flexible Configuration: Check if Domainesia allows you to configure firewall rules using domain names instead of IP addresses. This can be helpful since Kodular’s IP addresses might change over time.

  4. Consider Alternatives: If the IP address restriction becomes too complex, consider alternatives like Firebase Authentication, which handles user authentication without requiring direct database connections from external services.

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i think migration challenge is solution for me thanks for the advice

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