The icon pictures does not show up in kodular companion

I don’t know what’s wrong with the kodular companion, i downloaded the image icon for play button, I can see it in the creator but not when i’m trying to test the app using the companion, I end up using these blocks but still don’t show up
I’ll be glad with your help, thanks in advance

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Ah, I see where the problem is. You have multiple issues in your code.

  • Capitalization. You may only use Bottom/Left/Top/Right for your position parameter. You must capitalize when necessary, e.g. bottom Bottom.

  • You are not using material icon names. Material icons are found here, but you are using one from the assets. You should use a material icon name for iconName, e.g. “play_arrow”.

    To find out the name of a material icon, go to the link above, search for an icon, click on the iconand go to Android in the dialog popped up.


thank you for your fast reply, but i’m still facing the problem


Try with the SetMaterialButtonIcon block in this extension?

For padding, use the SetIconPadding block.


i’m sorry for the disturbance,I’ll appreciate it if you clarify, if those two green blocks are the same or not
and this one

Read the documentation. The red helper block is only for SetAndroidMaterialIcons. You can check the AIA for the full usage. The block ButtonIcons1 is not a button, so only put a button component as an input in the component socket.

I think it is working well in companion too


(I did as bellow, I changed the font from default to material icons with any material icons text for first time and tested for first run then added the above code in screen init and reset the button properties from designer part and refreshed the page, it is started to show as i expected in companion )


It works on old icon names only and that because of ttf file is to old…

This is the latest MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf (348.5 KB) upload it to assets and it will only work after you build to apk or as imported ttf


MaterialIcons1.aia (179.7 KB)


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