The image does not appear at the bottom of the screen

The image I’m selecting with ImagePicker is not showing on the canvas background

Your post title says image don’t appear at bottom of screen, post says not showing in canvas…so what exactly is the problem ?

don’t show on screen

I select the image in ImagePicker but it does not appear on the canvas

Post a screenshot of your blocks, also mention android version

hi, reload your browser or try on another one. You can also try uploading the image again. It might be a glitch

I already tried and it didn’t work

Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 (API 19)

Works for me , if you wish post a test aia that replicates the problem. Also check image’s properties

If the code is so small create a new project and try.

when I take the picture in the camera it appears in the image but when I select the image in ImagePick it does not appear


the button to take photo is working but the one to select the image is not

I already created and the error continues

Try this way


now it worked

why did i have that error

thanks for helping me

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maybe due to issue in your phone

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