The item is not saved in the cart on exit

I added an online store via webview
The item is not saved in the cart on exit
Closing the application does not sync items in the cart
DockeAsiawhatsapp.aia (33.0 KB)
I use Google translate
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Hi @Aidar, welcome to the community!
it’s better to send your cart blocks instead of sending a complete aia :wink:

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So your cart is in a web view??
i think you can use this extension:

Exactly set,and get cookies blocks.

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In the WebViewer you aren’t logged in or anything then how will save items in the cart when it doesn’t know who are you.

I downloaded the CustomWebView extension. Imported. What should I do next with blocks?
I am new to Kodular development. Help me please!

Just wanna ask question first.How does your webview cart save data.Does it use cookies.If then so before closing the screen you are on, store cookis in tiny db using get cookies block, And when your cart webview loads (page loaded event ) set cookies (using set cookies block in the custom web view extension ) to (get value from tiny db, the tage you’`ve stored cookies in :wink: )

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As I understand it, you need to insert this block. Where to insert it?

Before the user leave the cart screen.

I did this and everything works
Did I do everything right?


Yes. If I enter with my username and password, the orders in the basket are saved.

And how to make it so that an unregistered user can add products to the cart and when the application is closed and reopened, the items in the cart are synchronized?