The json component creates quotes

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

I have verified that if I rescue 1 data from firebase there is no error, the error is when I rescue several data together since it returns them in Json format, then I must use the Json component to display the data

if I only collect 1 data it does not show the quotes:

Steps to reproduce the issue

If I collect all the data of a tag, then Firebase returns me in Json and when extracting a data from Json in this new version it adds the quotes.

Now when adding the quotes it is necessary to remove them, but in the previous version I did not add them

Android version

Mi 8 Android 10

in simple you can use replace all text block, before call json block and replace " with empty text.

Yes, I do it … but it doesn’t seem normal

well i will check it when i be free and if i found i will inform.

Where i got this component…
Please help !

It has been removed.

Can anyone provide json extension??

Search the community

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