The KnowWhere App (enlisted in KABC-I top 5 winners)

[NOTE: The Google Place API has been REMOVED, So now App might work unless you api has been istalled]

The KnowWhere App (Map in your hand)


    1. Automatic and Dynamic. Current Location data refreshes automatically.
    1. Smooth interface.
    1. Shows Location Marker on the basis of current time location.
    1. Searching Category wise Nearby Places like Banks, Schools, Restaurants etc… Bottom Nav-bar is used for category.
    1. Nearby Places results in both list and Markers balloon.
    1. Searching any place in the world that Google covers. Results location data of that place with image.
    1. Tap to result for Map Assets.
    1. Simple and smooth Sidebar.
  • Utility: This app could be very useful for a unfamiliar location.


Check How it Works:
Tutorial: YouTube

App Store/Download link: Apps | Kodular Store (Cheers)-Published at Kodular Store by one of our member, Debojit Basak.

You can Rate/Review the also if there are any suggestion. It would be a happiest things to me.


Seems like you are a huge Marvel Studios fan. :sweat_smile:


i don’t understand
how you coined the point but the app is good you can improve UI now
it will be good app to user

How? Yes I am…But how come you know? :grin:

Hey your app is in Competition
and congrats your app is eligible to take part and the best part is there are about 6 to 12 apps eligible
wish you best of luck mate.
Your app will rank no doubt
I have also participated bro

@anuragtekam0 What to improve? Did you use it? Plz Suggest.

UI means user interface bro
The design of your app must soft and the colours in your app must get mixed to give smooth look
The more complex interior of your app [ meant by blocks ]
It must give a feel of a little animation
The blend of all these makes a satisfying app bro

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It has animation. Watch carefully. I know UI means user interface. I have tried material color and zoom transition animation from page to page. My app has no lag or breakdown. Almost automatic. What’s next?

I simply meant by
the Icon Bro
and the colours you used
you can use a different colour
and a baground image from the sites below without any problems of copyright

For Icon checkout this website

Now it depends on you what you can do to improve UI
I will only suggest one thing
Use light colours in your app because the dark colour is not making the app look good.
At last its your app try my advice in test project to avoid any problems

A big Thanxx…that is a great help. I really was not understanding what was the problem. Actually I never downloaded any icons. I create it. I tried high resolution icon. But then saw many posts where it has been said that the pixel should be within 100 x100. That’s y used low res icon. I have high res icon. Frankly I am dark theme fan :grin:.

I know everything!

know GIF


Wish u all the best for your app too.

Thanks bro you listened to my advice
I hope you liked my opinion now i have rated your app
now it looks just awesome bro and i have found a bug in your app that is
it is not working in my emulator my android version is 6.0 marsh…

Bug Explanation

When i start your app it suddenly stops working

Tip to fix

You should check that if your app doesn’t meet the requirements of the system it should show message or not close app

Your min api level is high may be

You have used cloak component with very low trigger time

I don’t know where the exact problem is but this might help you.

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But it’s performing well in my device 8.1. Plus my minimum requirement 4.4. I hav checked it even on other online emulator like, with 6.0 it performed well. I don’t know why it’s not performing to your device. For location fetch no clock component were used.

Check Here:

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yes i think so
wait i will check your app in other emulators also

U may PM me. It would be great.

which location sensor did u used?? kodular’s or any other

Generic location sensor present in kodular. Don’t forget to integrate location sensor in map (OpenStreet)

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