The kodular language

I’ve been using kodular for a bit and think its really cool. However when it comes to the blocks I mostly work from tutorials which are mostly in hindi and I dont understand it.

Besides that most tutorials dont explain the working of the language so although something is achieved I dont fully comprehend what is happening behind the scenes. What lagnauge is it and are there tutorials detailing the workings of the code in the blocks area?

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The thing you need to understand is that the block logic used is not encoded in java. When you execute App Inventor based blocks, (which is what Kodular is built on) the block absed code is translated into Young Android Intermediate Language ( YAIL ), When you build your APK the YAIL interpreter functionality is built with Java bytecodes and then to Dalvik executable code (DEX).

In short, there is no straight JAVA version of your blocks, even in the APK.

Credits: @Cian

And this is officially released by Kodular


Ah thats an excellent response. So basically having java knowledge will help in coding the blocks?

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I’m not sure you meant it but this: Blockly  |  Google Developers
could help you understand the background of Blockly programming a little more

well we call them blocking not coding:slightly_smiling_face:
And yes if you have knowledge of java(referring to the experience of programming), it will help you, although blocks are easy and self-explanatory and that is why even a person without knowledge of programming can use them, having a knowledge of all that stuff is just like addon (benifactory)


Not exactly but you could create Extensions that would allow you to do things you can not do with the current blocks.

If you’re interested, Kodular made it very easy to do this with their IDE:

My above post might be sorta off topic.
That being said you can find information about the individual blocks here:


Thanks all… That was informative


For API, which language should i consider?

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90% Which java used in kodular?? Core java or advanced java ?

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I think advance

How do you classify core and advanced Java? I’m asking because I’ve never heard of those terms before :sweat_smile:


Core java is used for developing general java application where as Advanced java is used for developing the web based application and enterprise application. Core java is having the concept of Java Fundamentals,Applet,Swings,JDBC,JavaBeans. technology without this no one can jump on any advance java technology