The Magic Split - Daily Challenge 101

Actually the solution does not need any list block. (also said by Xoma in previous post)

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I was talking about the solution to that list problem. Something like an extension for list which uses ‘,’ instead of spaces.

split block should work for you.
But still that will return a list of elements separated by , as separator.

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This ?


Wow, you did it :grinning: Nice!!

But it will be difficult to others to copy it :grin:

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Anyone Else :face_with_hand_over_mouth:?

13 Hours left :smiley:

Okay, 24 hours has been over, and here is the explanation that how it works:

The character is represented by the decimal code 8203 which is represented to . This is called the zero width space which doesn’t have any print with no height or width. That means when you use this character or paste it in the textbox and click `do it then it would look like it’s empty.

Using this advantage, we could use separate characters, in the procedure called join below, you may see that there is a block that is empty. The block contains that zero-width space or character pastes, as said before you cannot see it but it’s still there. We can revert the process and split the text at the zero-width space to get back the original two words.

Congratulations @dora_paz on solving this :partying_face:


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