The Magic Split - Daily Challenge 101

The challenge to you here is to make a procedure that takes in two or more inputs and returns the output as in the image above. In the second procedure, you can see that one value is split into two values in returns. You have to mimic/do the exact thing.

Clear explanation

  • Make a procedure that takes two inputs and returns one output.

  • Make another procedure that splits the output of the first procedure and returns two values that were provided as the inputs on procedure 1.


Do not use any component including extensions or using variables and without storing them.

You could Google it, do some (re)search and get help. When you’re finished, post them here.

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It should return the correct word second time instead of list.

No, the second procedure returns the values which were as inputs in procedure 1.

VERY EASY LOL :joy: :joy:



I did not think of it, but this is not the way. :neutral_face:

But nice :rofl:

Something like this?


Nice try, :smile: but the output should not be different from the output in the image above. You have to exactly do the thing in the image :sweat_smile:

Hint: The two types of blocks only used here are the blocks from the Text section and the Procedure section.

Hint 2: It’s in the 1st post itself :grin:

Delete this now
I was going to do the same thing mentioned in hint

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Yeah did :grin:

I was doing this for 15 minutes

Then i read that you said only two types of blocks are Text and Procedure :slightly_smiling_face: :broken_heart:
I was like: :flushed: :woozy_face: :man_facepalming:t4:

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Ahh, no worries :grin:

But it’s done with 9 blocks :grin:

Edit: the value can be anything, not fixed, should work for every values

I surrendered :slightly_smiling_face: :white_flag: :broken_heart: I tried everything but didn’t find any solution it’s really magic :joy:
I hope someone could find the solution so that i understand :upside_down_face:

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It’s pretty easy for those who are familiar with text encoding formats and all those things. :grin:

Think what else we can do to make the output just LOOK like the output without editing the do it value :grin:

I downloaded Companion after many months and now it ain’t going above 20% so I was unable to check my code even after waiting for 10 minutes. Tell me if its correct or not.

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Yoo, fun spoiled :joy: :rofl:
But still changes needed :grin:

I wonder why lists in App Inventor use space to separate values.I mean what if the word already have a space.

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Then It might become Double Space :thinking:

Then it should be counted as an empty element :joy:


Stop please, this is bringin the answer closer :rofl: :laughing:

Well, you are the type of guy who creates solutions to this type of problem :kodular:

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