Daily Challenge #71

This one is simple.
Ask for a number, and a string, and a Boolean. If the Boolean is true, the program should convert all letters to lowercase, but should convert the nth letter in the string to uppercase, and the other way around.


procedure(2,"kodular",True) => kOdular
procedure(8,"this is fun",False) => THIS IS FUN #the 8th letter is a space
procedure(7,"this is fun",False) => THIS Is FUN

Have fun

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Cool to see another DC from you, @Mateja! Love your idea and will try to solve it!
:grin: :kissing_heart:

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Hey, a question: What if the number exceeds text length? Any rules?


No, just ignore it and let Kodular return its own error :wink:

I don’t get what you are saying.
7, “this is fun” and False are inputs.

what do you mean
you need to obtain a Boolean, how could you return the Boolean?

I started to use procedure block frequently because of these DC. That’s great :slight_smile:
Edit: It might not be the best and simplest solution but I

I used 33 blocks (just the procedure block)


My solution



Am late again…
anyway, here’s my


Proof of functionality:




with 53 blocks and without using YailLists :grin:. Someone has a better one? (only the procedure)


Wait… have an error…

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At this point, the variable names aren’t even funny anymore :rofl:

lol. okay.

Now it’s fixed…

Really? I always use these variable names bc of not mixing them with my actual variable names bc I make these DC procedures always in my own projects without opening another :rofl:

Why not just


Please spoilerrrrr

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Yeah ok I actually didn’t know if that works or not. But pls do what @Mateja said and also how many blocks did you use?

Oh no I forgot
Hope not many people saw that

No worries, only 2 (@Mateja an me)! See your views :rofl:

I edited the post. I have 33 blocks in total.

Cool! You use YailLists in the main code, right?

I’m sorry but I really duuno what YailLists are.

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App Inventor lists :rofl:

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