Daily Challenge #73

Today we will have an easy #daily-challenge.
You will need a number, and a string, and a Boolean. If the Boolean is true, the position of each character in string will move forwards for number. If the Boolean is false, the position of each character in string will move backwards for number.

For example
procedure(2,"kodular",True) => arkodul
procedure(10,"Hello World",True) => ello worldH
procedure(3,"community",false) => munitycom

Reminder: If the input number exceeds the length of strings, try to make it not showing errors
It’s my first daily challenge so there might be so many problems.
Have fun!

The structure is based on Daily Challenge #71

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If there are no answer after a day, I will post my solution

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Well, it seems no one answering :sob:
Here’s my own solution (but I’m sure there is a better one)


I’m trying, so I will not open the solution.

How’s the progress?

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