Daily Challenge #88

Hello guys. Today will be an easy challenge.
It will be a input procedure (function). There only one input. The input has to be a string and a boolean.
Your task is to make alternating Case.

What is this?

The alternating case converter will allow you to transform your text (no matter the current format) into text that alternates between lower case and upper case. It will generate a capital letter and then a lower case letter within the same word.

tHiS Is aN ExAmPlE Of aLtErNaTiNg cAsE.


However, the task to today has to choose whether it is ignoring other symbol/spaces.

Input: I love koding in Kodular
If the input boolean is true, then //ignore spaces/other symbols
Output: i LoVe KoDiNg In KoDuLaR
Output: i lOvE KoDiNg iN KoDuLaR

Good luck!

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Great! but I think you have inverted true and false. If true then it should ignore spaces

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Yeah, you’re right! :wink:


Here is my solution


It turns out that @stei2348 won!

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