The operation - cannot accept the arguments: empty-string (1)

im so sorry to mod, i’ve been searching about my error in this forum, but i haven’t got the solution to my error, i was tested on companion, everything its okay until i’v export to .apk i got this error like tittle.

FYI : I pass a parameter to the 2nd frame for the condition where

screen 1
screen 2

Thank u

I think that blocks in procedure section is causing the error

First fix all the red errors
Then check, where exactly you are using the - operation and validate your data before trying to subtract values


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wait, i will checking first

all red error is loading, and until now all block its okayy, and its all done when i tested on Companion. i got this error when i export to .apk

As already suggested


can u help me ?

Do you know, what a - operation is?


i know, but its same, i got error.

Check your tinydb… It seems values are not stored properly. Drag one tingdb get items, click on do it and make sure

In which screen do you get the error? Search for the - math block there and post a screenshot of these relevant blocks