The operation Elements cannot accept arg:,[4 zzz FFF]

Hi All

essentially Im removing all the ( &) from the list and sending what remains to an Element

I get the above message?


Can anyone tell me how to strip a list of the () and still post it to an element


Simply set global list to get result , set elements to global list


Hi Dora

I did that but got (( and )) showing in the list which is what I dont want

Then use set element to select list item list index1

Thanks Dora,

what if there are whole lot of records in the SQLlite database and I need to show them all?

besides that seperates each item in the first record and puts it on a new line (still with brackets

not in this shot though. This is a normal list with the brackets

All Im trying to do is to get rid of all the brackets in the list

I do know how you save data but you are dealing with lists of lists


Well, it’s list of list


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This how i save individual records into SQLlite

but when I read the records out of the SQLlite database, it pulls them back as a list and its THOSE brackets im trying to remove.

Sorry but I cannot seem to find the section you are talking about??


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