The Operation select list item cannot accept arguments: ,[()], [*empty-string*] on card view click on empty block or correct block

Hello friends,

i got a new bug or error (I don’t know what is it?).
I got an error when i click on card view: “The Operation select list item cannot accept arguments: ,[()], [empty-string]”.

I check this on 3 type of card view blocks:
Card_Practice_sheet: correct block but showing this error
Card_View2_copy & Card_View2: empty in blocks editor but still showing error
Card_View3: Only in designer [Not in blocks editor] but still showing error

I don’t know what is it and why this happening with my all blocks. Please Help and thanks in advanced.

  1. Card_View3: Previous year Block [1st no. Card view]: not present in blocks editor


  2. Card_Practice_sheet in right side [below the backpack(i hide some details of spreadsheet)]

  3. Card_View2_copy & Card_View2 [near the create list block]



I’m also providing a small video clip so you can easily found that what happened here.

Help to solve this issue and thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please post your block in order to get help. Your posted block are not enough . They don’t contain any list blocks. Your error says that you’re giving an empty string as index in select list item block.

BTW, you have just choosen the tag randomly and carelessly. You should choose tags respect to your issue.

Sorry, That’s was my mistake… Now I got the solution. Actually I make a block for any card view click for dynamic views which get an error in starting because when screen initialize, card views was empty.

Thanks for replying and I will make sure from next time for post complete blocks.

your spreadsheet are some of cell is empty
fill that with 0 or any other vlue

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