The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments [*empty-string*], [1]


This is showing i had connected my airtable spreadsheet to my app and when i open another screen this shows

bro you are using a empty list or any empty list item so that is reason for this error.

send me ss of your block i will tell what to fix.

edit :- your any cell is empty which you are using as list view item…


there it is bro

you are not taking suitable value.

your start value is empty .

what you stored in your start value can you show that

yaaa done with dat now created a new issue app is working fine in live testing but showing nothing after exporting.

Is data loading?
I mean check data by putting a label which shows data loaded when spreadsheet got data.

Data is fully loading and working fine on live test but after exporting it just loads and shows white screen only

Please show the blocks when data loaded.

these are screen 1 blocks

its a photo poses app in which i used the grid view in screen 1 and on another screen images will open in full size with download and share button

this is Screen 2 blocks

You don’t buy gridcardview extension. blocked by extension developer, you can see everything ok but dont show in apk

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