The operation Text cannot accept the arguments: , [*nothing*]

I have been working on a web socket app that uses a extension from pura vide and author is Andres_Cotes

The extension is available at WebSocket Client Extension - Extensions - AppyBuilder

While using the extension im getting an error - " Error : The operation Text cannot accept the arguments: , [nothing] "
i have went through few posts regarding the error and there is some Error so to fix that i grabbed the source from the Author’s Github :

Can anyone help me with spotting the error in the source so i can fix that.

Show your blocks where you used this block

Your error repost contains empty string it seems.

You should wait for the connection to be ready i think.


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Implementing that doesnot work either

Can you breif that …

Can u post the error screenshot because maybe you didn’t post whole error

Thats the complete error i just copy pasted

You can move the send message block instead of button click into On connect.

On button click event block you can use
Call websocket . Connect

i will get the same error

Then you have to check your web socket working or not

web socket is hosted and wokring properly , i have tested that could you go through the code and check whats the issue ?
if i get the issue i would try to fix and recompile that easily

@Ayush_kawad , Try this extension


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