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Hello everyone, I am here with my new extension that is WebSocket Connector. This extension helps you to use web sockets in your apps. This extension can help you to integrate real-time databases in your application for example Firebase DB. That can be used for chatting and other purpose applications.

Launched On :- 2021-12-04T18:30:00Z
Last Updated On :- 2021-12-04T18:30:00Z
Latest Version :- 1

Let see its blocks and their documentation

All Blocks


Let see the documentation now

Error Occurred


This event raises when any error occurred.



This event raises when the connection is successfull.



This event raises when the web socket is disconnected. It returns a reason of disconnection.

Message Received


This event raises when any data changed in your web socket.



This block connect the web socket with given URL. URL must start with ws.



This block disconnect the web socket (if connected) with a reason Disconnected by the user.

Send Message


This block send the message(any string) to the web socket. Message Received event will be triggered when your web socket listen this change.

Is Connected


Returns true if the web socket is connected


The extension is very simple and small to use. You just have connect it with your URL and start sending or listening messages with your database.

I have created a small chatting concept with test API. You can download it’s AIA and APK file below with extension.

I have used a Test API from PieSocket web scoket tester. You can make your own API too for testing the web socket.




Thanks @Shreyash for the super power full Rush .
Thanks @Jerin_Jacob for his wonderful extension platform.

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Thanks you


Another great contribution. Thanks a lot

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Can we fetch all the measseges at once because if our user is offline then when he comes online than how will he get the messages ?

can it work local web socket server?

You should store your message in local or an online database. WebSocket used to get live messages when you receive them , store them in a database then fetch them when you requires them. You can check Baserow. It have web socket feature with database where web socket is just used to get live updates and the data is stored normally in tables that can be fetched after.

I don’t know. You can check once and if you get any result then post it here also so it can help others.


yes it work ofline. :smiley: :smiley:
thanks for creating the extension. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can you make this extension support headers? For Authentication, We need Headers


Example if user online green if user offline automatic red by task killer or sudenly empty batrry can i use that by websocket?

Can you explain how to setup backend server?

Hello friend, I found your WebSocket extension and it looks amazing, just one problem, I can’t find where I can download it.
can you help me?

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when i disable UseClearTextTraffic then not work this extention !

Have any solution ?
please help me :pray: :pray:

me too, i think he want to sell this extention

EDIT: i found it, downloading the app in his site and inside u can searh for websocket extension, its free and work!!!