[PAID] Binance WebSocket Extension (Live Price)

With this extension you can get live price data from Binance.com You can get multiple data at once.


Download AIX & Example AIA

Please write me via Telegram.
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But but but :sweat_smile: i made this without your extension… Do i want to publish aia, or make an guide?.. Say it’s not a kind of degrading I made it upto 80% development and waiting to finish and post on community :sweat_smile:btw you added this before me :sweat_smile:

why are you degrading my post?
this is not scraping data from the internet. It works with the Websocket library. Shows data instantly, no lag.
I report your comment

you are a jealous person

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we should all live in harmony. here. one family. :ok_hand:

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Live - Only 2 Dollars!

I bought it and it works great.
Can you also add the percentage change of each individual crypto?
If you can do it I will buy again

Free use :-

Hi guys, does anyone know if this extension conflicts with other extensions?
This extension together with the DynamicComponent extension seems not to work … do you know why?

I think It won’t conflict

Is it possible to read the binance order book? or just the price of cryptocurrencies?

Binance websocket data is available for free. Use free websocket and wss details. from Binance site