[PAID] Binance WebSocket Extension (Live Price)

With this extension you can get live price data from Binance.com You can get multiple data at once.


Download AIX & Example AIA
Payment : Ruwis

Please write me via Telegram.
Telegram @bluruwis


But but but :sweat_smile: i made this without your extension… Do i want to publish aia, or make an guide?.. Say it’s not a kind of degrading I made it upto 80% development and waiting to finish and post on community :sweat_smile:btw you added this before me :sweat_smile:

why are you degrading my post?
this is not scraping data from the internet. It works with the Websocket library. Shows data instantly, no lag.
I report your comment

you are a jealous person

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we should all live in harmony. here. one family. :ok_hand:

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Live - Only 2 Dollars!

I bought it and it works great.
Can you also add the percentage change of each individual crypto?
If you can do it I will buy again

Free use :-

Hi guys, does anyone know if this extension conflicts with other extensions?
This extension together with the DynamicComponent extension seems not to work … do you know why?

I think It won’t conflict