The Screen title is not triggered correctly

Describe your issue

The title is not triggered correctly, it returns Makeroid as name.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Set label.text or any component to Screen.title

Expected Behaviour

name set to in the screen.title

Actual Behaviour

it returns Makeroid as name

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@Kodular Can you take a look to this? It seems like a little issue

@Boban Does it work properly on AppInventor?

I tried exporting an apk but after changing the title and setting a label to the title instead the label text became the app name and not the title text
BugTest.aia (1.6 KB)
BugTest.apk (3.7 GB)

Yes it does.


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Is your test apk is of size 3.7 GB ??

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Huge file. :rofl:

I love it :rofl:

UHD APK :rofl:

It should be mb :joy:

I think you edited it xD

I did… Wait… Whay did it turned back to gb?!
Discourse bug?

You can fix it by editing your Reply.

I mean that I edited it many time but every time it turns back to gb

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lol 3GB that’s cool to see in Discourse

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@Kodular can you look into this?

It’s just a Discourse bug, It’s mb not gb

Try delete your file and upload again in a new line. :thinking:

I’m loving this thread.


Good news guys…
I have fixed the bug.
Will be available in the next big component update.


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