The sidebar extension is crashing my app

When I test my app with “companion” it works perfectly but when I install the .APK on my phone it crashed I tried several ways until I tried to take the “sidebar” extension out just to see what happened and it worked but I need " sidebar "it is essential for the organization of my app some form to fix this???

Here is the .aia maybe can help

DepressApptest.aia (490.1 KB)

Unfortunately I lost the extension file on my computer so I only have it on the kodular …

You can use the default sidebar from Kodular.

Kodular may not support the sidebar extension as it has its own native sidebar component. For more details explore the links quoted in reply below

Use of native sidebar component :point_down: is recommended.
Side Menu Layout


You can design your own custom sidebar using side menu block :point_down:
Side menu

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I started with the “app inventor” that doesn’t have a menu so I had to use this extension then I went to Kodular and I didn’t know it had a menu … Now I know thanks

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