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The Social Horoscope

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This project would like to open a new scenario for horoscopes:
what if we can check how people of our same zodiac sign are feeling at any time?

With The Social Horoscope people are asked to rate how they are doing from the love, health and money point of view. After, the user can see a typical horoscope for the day, PLUS the average data from people of his/her sign.

Let mw know what do you think and thanks Kodular for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Nice Ui…
How you create this app… You use any web or what…

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Thank you Alapjeet,
I used Firebase for Auth, AirTable to manage users data, and a 3rd party API for the daily horoscope.

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Ooh… Your app really looks cool…
Thank you for basic information…

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Your app link in not clickable. You may want to correct it

Nice ui design.

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Thanks Vaibhav, just fixed!

Very good UI, you may want to look at your custom notifier for rating, there is this gray corner and it looks not professional.
However, cool app!
Keep it up!