The transfer app

Hello :wave:
Myself Vighnesh from Class 8th

You might know that shareit is banned in my country

Now, i created an alternative to shareit called the Transfer app

The app is open source, :100:% offline and free for anyone to use without any ads

The app can be downloaded from this apk :point_down:
Transfer apk (7.1 MB)

The aia can be found here :point_down:
Transfer aia (953.5 KB)

100% offline
100% private
100% open source
100% free
Faster than bluetooth
Lite app (7 mb)

How to use:

  • Download the app
  • Go to Transfer file
  • Click on Choose and select the file
  • You will get a qr code
  • Download the app
  • Go to Get file
  • Click on Get
  • Read the transferer’s qr code
  • File will be downloaded in downloads folder

Please help me to solve the following bug:
The app works fine in the companion be the apk shows

Web version coming soon for that check my github on

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


At first I wanna say that your app can never replace SHARE IT

Leave it aside you can make your ui much better, how would a user know that the small pink button means recive

And leave that too, you have used DH’s extension which requires internet to download it’s not at all ~ wifi transfer

Don’t think I am mean but all I would say that the error would be because of any extension

I made this a year ago with a basic ui which looks better and is working
WiFiFileTransfer.aia (922.1 KB)

And also I made it in only 6MB
WiFiFileTransfer.apk (6.0 MB)

Can i know why

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I have marked it because it consumes internet
Edit: I appreciate your efforts but I don’t like your ui
You can check mine it’s currently working

@PRO10PARTH check this out
0 data usage

it takes internet from the receiving side

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