The video editing app with Kodular (Veed)

Hey There, :kodular:oders, it’s Rudransh over here, today I am showing you my new simple application named as

“Veed - Create a Perfect Video”

It’s just a simple app powered by website, and it is simply a “Video Editing App”

Download (Google Play Store)

It has more than 400+ download right now, in just 3 days, and is growing so fast!

AIA File (Paid)
If you want you can PM me or message me on my public Telegram account - @rudranshhshuklaa

Information (ScreenShots) :-

Thanks for spending your precious time viewing this post.


Is this just an app made using the website with webviewer? It will be removed from the play store, and can I ask since you are selling the AIA, what have you added?


It will be not removed from Google Play, because of legal permission I took from, I have used CustomWebView extension In It, and some customizations.