The Webview file upload feature was working in version 1.4.1, but is not working now

The Webview file upload feature was running in version 1.4.1, but now it doesn’t work, the application shuts down and doesn’t give an error. I’m sure it works in version 1.4.1 because I was using it.

You join sice 17 mins and how did you know that its working in previous version i think you are using too much new email address for signup

I request kodular team @Diego to check email extension at signup process that it should be .com .org or other genuine and its not like temporary mail to reduce new fake accounts

There could be another error for that because uploading was working I haven’t tested
Please show your blocks, sample apk, aia if possible so we could help you better

I’ve been using “Kodular / Makeroid” for 1.5 years. I’m having trouble signing in to my other account, so I had to use that account.

Can I know your old username?


I’ve opened a topic about it before

You mean this one:

Yes, I changed mail but had to use this account because I had problems logging in.

Contact Kodular Staff instead of changing email.

ok, thanks

I think there is a problem with your blocks setup which sutting down the app…