There is a Bug in an Embedded Pictures in Metadata Component

I try Embedded Picture Component in Metadata but I am not getting album images of songs, is there anyone who can help me out about this function.

Can you show your blocks?

Please Reply I already uploaded the blocks image

Are you sure that your music file has a picture inside? And it would be nice to see what is the return result of “Embedded Picture”, can you do it by using the “Do It” feature?

Yes the song i use get the album image in it and it was showing album image with metadata extension but with that extension there is a problem with no metadata function thats why that extension is not for use but kodular component metadata works fine for all artists,albums etc but witj embedded picture it will not showing Image.

No i am not able to do with "Do it " feature can you please give me any solution about that.
I was waiting for this feature since 6 months

Please try to give solution of my problem.

Please don’t be so impatient. If someone can help you they will.

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Can you please give any solution.

Diego. Sir can you tell me not Showing Embedded picture is a Bug of Kodular Eagle or I am not getting proper block to use it.
I am totally Confused.

Just be patient until we give here a answer!
And dont tag Diego or anybody else!

We read all (99%) topics…


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Well, in my case, it shows this:

Or my method is wrong?

I’ve uploaded a song which has an album picture…

I think there is a bug in this component,but nobody is talking about this or nobody recognize this problem in kodular team. They just saying keep patient. I am just saying that is this is a bug of new update aur it is our problem but body telling right things we are waiting for reply…

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