There is a bug in push notification

hello! when i put app id in push notification it does not take that please resolve it

We can’t resolve your problem just if you say “resolve it”.

You need to send us the necessary information first. Some of them are:

  • Blocks (only the area you’re having your issue)
  • Designer screenshot (only the screen(s) you’re having your issue)
  • Properties. (only the property(ies) you’re having your issue)

Then we can try to help.

when am putting the app id it can’t take that

Can you send me some helpful screenshots taken from the builder first?

Because I don’t understand you.

when i put app id in push notification components and i come back from there when i check app id there it is empty … you can check push notification

If you are using PushNotification component on other screens than Screen1, then the ID won’t be saved. So in Screen1, drag a PushNotification component and set the ID there, as you can use only one ID per app.


thank you am trying it

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