There is a Download component but no Upload component

I created an APP with Kodular that successfully uses the Download component to copy a CSV file from a URL to my Android device’s Aplication Specific Directory. Now, I want to copy this file back to the URL, but I see that there is no Upload component. What shall I use to copy this file back to the URL?

I suspect that there is no Upload component due to security reasons and you will sujest that I use the FTP component, but I hope there is a simpler option.

Please explain what did you mean by Upload component and how you intend to use it.

The Upload component that I am looking for should do the inverse of what the Download componet does. That is, it should copy a file from the Android device’s Application Specific Directory to a URL in the web. I should provide the component with the name of a file and the URL where I want the file transfered to, then the componet should transfer the file.

Since you mentioned you want something simpler than FTP, so what do you say about TFTP?