There is a problem parsing the package

I made an app but I cant install it on my phone because every time i download the apk, i get this error, what could be the problem?? and its only happening with this app because all my other projexts work great

Check you package name another change your app version name and code

ok, thx man

If your problem will be solved then mark the solution

If you continue having this problem do one (or all) of the following:

- Delete, and regenerate a new Keystore
- Clear your device’s cache (from recovery & settings; depends on Android version/manufacturer)

One thing for everyone which I’d like them to take note of is that we can roll out that this problem does not clash with the package name, version code/name, or manifest. If this were the issue, it would show the APK not installed error.

This is the last thing you should do and don’t delete keystore without first saving it as a backup



Oh I see, thx for the help guys, it was a problem with the package name, I had to delete it but its working now

what is your previous package name and what is your current package name

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