There is some issue in code please solve it - Live code is running but the code fails as soon as you install the APK


I tried the code in different ways, the run in the live section gets done correctly, but after installing the apk, the problem comes up if you open it.

As far I understand the problem may be in your tinydb value
When you open the app print the value from tinydb first then check it what it is returning?

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when ever screen intitalize set the value as create empty ;list or empty text box.

In the arrow mark place you add set global name to call tinyDB get value tag ( Full Details) and try. It may work for you

Ok i check

I have already checked and seen it but it is not running. You also check and see

Are you sure TinyDB having values?
Share your screen or ais or full blocks

@Still-learning it is not a global variable it is local

If he used to set the variable then how could the issue solved???

@kirankumar_Kshirsagar have you checked​:ballot_box_with_check:???

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It is working for me in both the cases,


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The same problem is unfolding again

show the block where you are storing the tinyDB value

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