There is some issue with webview processing html document with javasript and jquery

Describe your issue

The web view dont produce any output for the html page with javasript. On my computer and other programs like appybuilder, appinventor and thunkable the webpage run as expected on web view but on makeroid it shows blank scree.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Download the codemirror file from and then use the following javascript and css linking to your html as i did below:

Expected Behaviour

Expected behaviour should be a codeeditor came on the webpage but it shows a blank space. If in doubt please use and see the result on appinventor ( there it works fine ).

Actual Behaviour

Blank screen nothing shows, if i add additional html component some of them do show but any part related to the main code does not work and show on web view.

Show your Blocks

If you thought i miss to add the css and js files in asset have a look Sir:-

You can run html file in makeroid with web view but you can’t use CSS & other ref file in makeroid

It is not that you can’t use them try and see for yourself if you use css and add that css to asset it will work, and for the above case even you use in page css using style tag and in page javascript it just not work. Similarly if you add a webpage with google forms embedded it won’t work. I hope you understand my point now.