There’s an error exporting the apk file…Firebase config file error

Hello everyone, I’m just new in kodular and I’m working on my project with a signin, signup, and forget password features. I want to export it since firebase authentication doesn’t work in test mode. But, I can’t export it because there are errors in compiling. I searched some questions here regarding apk files that have errors in exporting. I already double checked if my package name is the same upon getting the json file from firebase, and it’s the same. I also looked into my blocks. I tried closing the project and reopening it, and even tried opening it on another browser but still, it doesn’t work. My assets are not that heavy too.

Here is the aia. Maybe you can take a look at it.
BPenMobileApp1.aia (135.5 KB)

Thank you so much!

You might not have checked @Boban’s reply :point_down:


Looking at the name of the project i feel this is a copy of a project, if yes then the google-services.json needs to updated according to the new app. I faced the same issue and this solved my problem

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Hi! I looked into @Boban’s reply. I also edited my json file and now, it worked! Thank you so much for the help!

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