These Blocks Are Not Working 🤔

Hey, These simple blocks are not working properly. Any Bug or Something ?blocks Capture

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Enable the timer and make a lottie animation height and Width automatic

What is not working? What are you trying?
Please be more specific, just a picture of blocks is not enough.

Try this.


splash_arrangement is always visible. home_arrangement is not showing

Check my blocks twice. I’ve already set timer enabled in blocks

give your aia

Here I have the same code as you and it works as it should, otherwise


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@Boban I dont want set the timer enabled to true when the screen starts because it takes some times to display any animation. I want to set the times enabled when the animation starts. here is my aia please checkthis out KuponKing.aia (2.1 KB)

Please can you help me @Boban @nikhilbobade27

Tried with another lottie source and it worked as it should or you can disable Loop Animation and then it will work with yours.

My source



i did it like this and its working properly