Things i want i kodular update

  1. Fast approval within 1 day
  2. Better ui like :

3.In built component of pdf viewer and face

4.One more database api example:Google Cloud Databases

5 Plz research on more ui components so that we can make layout like:

you can add one led component which colour more bright like power button outline in screenshot

  1. I think there’s a reason why Kodular can’t do it in one day. How many more people do you want them to hire? I don’t want a pro subscription like Thunkable.

  2. I find the current design nice and modern and more importantly easy to use. You can overcomplicate design very quickly and your proposal doesn’t really look any different than Kodular does now.

  3. Extensions

  4. Extensions?

  5. The design you’re making is relatively easy to do with some Adobe and Lottie skills. Just like the power button which is also probably an animation.

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This type of UI is hard to achieve even if you have full control over the layouts ( xml ) like you have in Android Studio. Plus, It’s UX.

You could use custom Lottie Animations for the Power Button. A custom video/image Background and some alignments. I think it’s possible.

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Yes, it’s possible for some places. UX animations won’t be the same. But, I can clearly see what’s happening after enabling the vpn. The earth zooms in and the particles in the bg start to move too.