Things that should be added or be better - Feedback | Connect Via USB | Block Finder

Hi @Diego and Kodular Team

First of all, I want to thank you for producing this amazing drag and drop Application building platform

Feedback ::

Over all Kodular creator is well developed but I think some new things that should be added and some that can be better

Things that should be added

In my opinion Blocks’ Finder Features is very helpful in big projects
I know block finder chrome extension already exists but it would be good if its built-in

Credit : @HritikR

Thing that can be better

I think connect via USB needs a major update because it’s very buggy when we connect it!
so! you should work on it to make it good!

So Yeah! that’s it for now!


I also made a Chrome extension ‘AI2Helper’ here, and it be used to:

  1. download png seperately
  2. download png in a zip file
  3. remove all orphan blocks
  4. search block

Thank you @Kevinkun for this OP Extension