This error is coming with - Google Ad Manager Component

error popping up " The ad size & ad unit must be set before loadAd is Called " although we set the App ID property + Block setting as well.

Note: we haven’t created any Ad unit in Google Ad Manager with such App’s. Do we need to Create AdUnits in Google ad manager?

Please Guide us. Shall be very thankful to you. :pray:

Is this in the companion or in an APK?

If in an APK, please try disabling test mode on all Ad Manager components and rebuild your app.
You cannot have only some Ad Manager components use test mode.


this is happening in Companion . haven’t yet checked with APK. But let me know do i need to create adUnit sin AdManager Accont as well?

Do i need to rebuilt my app from Zero?

No, you do not have to create ad units. You will rarely have to access your Ad Manager account; everything is done via Kodular.
Please make sure you’re running the latest version of the Companion (1.5.1)


Great! I checked with APK & Now I Updatd the latest version of Companion. Worked perfectly fine in both!

wait!!! But its still showing test Ads despite uncheck the “test Mode”.
How do we can check the real Ads?

Test ads will show in the companion even if you have disabled test mode. Real ads will show only in an APK.

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Alright! Thank you very much for your support and help. you have been really helpful. Thank you @Vishwas :pray::blush:

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